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September 26, 2013
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We did not expect the world to end.
It just did.
We kept saying “It won't happen in our lifetime.”
But it did.
We closed our eyes to the cracks in the walls
and they crumbled around us.
We forgot the decay in front of us.
It was so easy to ignore.
It ate away the foundations of our lives.
Still we ignored it
and claimed that life would go on.

We did not see it coming.
Even if it was right in front of us.
We tried to repair the cracks in the dams
though the water had already washed us away.
And though the clouds were black and red
we looked away.
Or stared ourselves blind on the colour display
as our skin peeled away beneath the acidic rain.

We dreamt of the sky
and reached for the stars.
Forgetting the ground beneath our feet.
It tore apart at the seams
the gaps too wide to repair.
And the sun was setting on a world

We did not predict the true apocalypse
though many a prophet had tried.
Their predictions were hollow
and we lost faith.
We did not listen to the real prophets
their warnings drowning in the white noise
of so many cries for wolves in the past.

So we did not expect the world to end.
But it did.
This is very random, seeing it is an attempt to spark my Muse and thus is written as more of an association ramble rather than an actual poem. I am not really sure what sparked it myself, other than the first sentence just popping into my head, so, I worked from there :D Any feedback is as always appreciated :)
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dogyjoe Feb 8, 2014   Writer
Epic and Wonderful. I like it very much and I agree. I personally noticed that the world ended in 2000 when the new millennium came. Since than, only few things remain pure and positive nowadays.
Thank you for the nice comment :) I am glad you like it :D And, all the more reason to cherish the good thing we have!
dogyjoe Feb 9, 2014   Writer
You are most welcome :)
JeanneyLost Nov 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Your poetry was featured here:
Mazdi Nov 1, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
"Or stared ourselves blind on the colour display
as our skin peeled away beneath the acidic rain"

That stanza sticks out the most to me. I can almost see it... people staring at their smartphones and TVs, completely oblivious as the world dies around us.

Very strong imagery in this poem, and a very poignant read.
Thank you so very much :) I am very happy you like it. And yeah, people are blinded by the medias, hearing and seeing reports on natural and human made disasters all the time. Most of them just doesn't react to it. I am happy you like my imagery, and that it sticks with you :D
Ikoter Oct 10, 2013  Student Writer
This is awesome.
Thank you :) I'm happy you like it ^^
MisMatchedSockGirl97 Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I really enjoyed this poem. It's beautiful.
Thank you very much :D I hope to see more from you as well soon :) Haven't seen anything from you in a long time ^^
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